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Handbook in accordion notation

Authors: Geir Draugsvoll and Erik Højsgaard.

The handbook is available in English and German, and can be downloaded here ››

Accordion Font for Windows og Mac OSX can be downloaded here ››

RDAM students

The many aspects of aural training in this book by Erik Højsgaard have been inspired by his deep insight into western music and its thousand-year-old traditions. Written with clarity that allows for rhythm and polyphony to be presented in an understandable form, Højsgaard's book is both musical and entertaining. There is no doubt that one gains new insights and musical joys after working through the book's exercises.

A textbook focusing on advanced rhythm, translated by Siri Brown and published by Aarhus University Press.

Danish professor and composer Per Nørgård writes:

Rhythm · Advanced Studies

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The book is also available in Danish published by Aarhus Universitetsforlag, and in Italian, translated by Massimo Leonardi and published by Volontè & Co, Milano.

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An app for iOS can be downloaded on App Store ››


The app which is designed by Marie Dahl Højsgaard acts as a metronome for all exercises in

the textbook that deal with irregular and mixed time signatures, hemiolas, irrational time

signatures, metric modulations, polymeter, and polyrhythm in irregular time signatures.

Included in the app is also an ordinary metronome that can be used for all other exercises.

Furthermore the app has sections to train correct tempo-identification.

A simple version of the app is available for macOS, and you can download it for free ››

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